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About Us

Welcome to the most comprehensive investment blog on the web:

Investing-in is a one-stop web resource for learning & educating yourself on various financial assets & instruments available for making your investments. Our blog not only focuses on educating our blog readers on various international investments, but also emphasizes on other aspects of investments; especially the macro outlook for financial markets and the major asset classes (including gold).

Please be advised that we are not a group of professional or certified financial/investment advisers and do not claim to be investing experts. Our blog is offered as a platform to beginners to educate themselves on various aspects of investing, from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, equities, bonds, Forex, options & futures, etc.

Our goal is to share our perspectives and ideas on how the mechanics of markets works and how different asset classes function in the current economic condition.

There are instances, where many users and readers on our blog try to share their experiences on stock markets and give away their tips on keys to financial planning, wealth creation, stocks and ideas as to how one can go ahead and achieve financial freedom; and we at do not take any liability of such recommendations.

Our vision is to make our blog: to be the number 1 in the investing blogging scene that would provides complete education & rich resourceful articles on investing, personal finance and smart spending to help investors and beginners to make the most out of their investments and capital.

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