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How can a beginner start Day trading in Stocks?

Some ideas that can help you in beginning your learning and practicing process are listed below.

1. Start by learning your Basics: You need to know and understand stocks, bonds, the markets, stock exchanges, charts, offers, trends, and the way markets establish value. It happens way too often that a new investor will start jumping into how to trade without understand markets and how they work first.

2. Be very Observant:  You need to look at charts and news all the time. Get prepared in that sense. See how the news will affect charts of different banks and companies. Look everyday even after you start trading. See and learn different patterns and stay with it. If you see a pattern that you understand and are comfortable with, build on it.. Do not get into a big rush and decide that you want to trade for a living. This would cause you to have way too much pressure. Wait and see what happens with it first.

3. Practice, Practice, and Practice: Download real-time trading practice software onto your computer. You should have a speedy internet for it to work properly. It is set up like a real trading station so that you can really see what it is like. Practicing with this will help you a great deal with developing strategies and get your mistakes out of the way before trying with real money. If it gets very hard and stressful for you to do it on the practice one, then you should keep in mind how hard it will get when you invest you real money.

4. Look like a Trader: Know what all traders know. Look at and understand everything any trader needs to. Understand the economy, news events, and charts. Be very smart when it comes to investing your money and make sure that you are very knowledgeable about the markets when you enter them. Good luck!!

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  1. jesus permalink
    March 9, 2009 10:57 pm

    umm hey what software should i download 2 pratice..

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