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How to fill PAN application form 49AA online?

January 18, 2013

Although, it is easy to download the forms you need from the internet, sometimes, it is not clear as to which ones are the correct forms. There are many changes in the forms as the years pass and making sure that you are downloading the updated version can become a task in itself. If you are having a problem with finding the right form for NRI, OCI, or PIO, then we have just the place for you to look and download your form. The updated forms now are 49A and 49aa. Form 49a is used for residents and form 49aa for non residents.

Once you download the correct form, then it is time to turn it in to the IT department or the PAN department. There are now PAN departments all across India in almost every city. Some cities have 2 or 3 offices. You can locate them by using google. Ex: “(your area) pan card department for NRI”. If you are not living in India, then it would be tough for you to give your application to the PAN department. They have online brokers working with NRIs to make things easier.

PAN card departments only serve one purpose. They are there only to accept and submit your PAN card applications and get you a PAN number allotted to you. Because they receive so many applications everyday, they are very strict while going over the applications and will not accept them if even the smallest mistake is made. So, make sure that your forms are filled completely and correctly. Also, make sure that you are aware that all of the information you provide in your application will be kept on record by the IT department. Also, It is not the PAN department that allots you a PAN number, it is the IT department that does that.

If you already have a PAN card, but the information mentioned on the card is incorrect, you will have to apply for a duplicate pan card and provide proof that the information is wrong. The PAN card department does not give refunds or discounts if any information is wrong. You must apply again and pay all of the fees again.

The New PAN Card

All new pan cards printed will have a colored photo in the corner. This means that you will need to provide two colored passport photos with your application. The new PAN card has a hologram along with other security and tamper-free features to help with identity theft.

The fees for PAN card are always changing, but currently if you are living in India, they are Rs.94. If you are not living in India and you are an NRI, the fees are Rs.944. When discussing PAN card, an NRI mean an Indian who is a resident in another country, an OCI, a PIO, or a foreign passport holder with no ties to India. If you are living in the US, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Japan, etc., you can simply apply for a PAN card through a broker to make your process easier. A good one would be:

Once you have your PAN card, it will be valid forever and does not expire. The only reason that you would need to apply for a duplicate PAN is if you lost your PAN card, your PAN card was damaged, you had a change in your information, or you have a mistake in your PAN card. Other than that, the only reason would be so that you can update your card to the new design and have a new photo.

If you have applied for a PAN card, but never received it, this most likely means that it was lost in transit at some point. In that case, you will also need to apply for a duplicate PAN card in order to receive it. When you do this, your PAN number stays the same.

Tracking with the PAN department

Nowadays, you can find out your PAN number before you receive the PAN card. The UTIISL website now has a tracking system that you can use to find out the information before it is finished. You will be asked to enter a coupon number and then you can see your details. The coupon number will be on your receipt when you submit your application to the government. The details that you will access might also have courier tracking details.

Speed up your process using Tatkal service

It usually takes about 20-30 business days to go through the entire process. If you are looking to speed things up, we advise you to go through a broker so that you can make sure all of your forms and documents are correct the first time. They can give you step by step instructions so that no mistakes are made.

Before applying for a PAN
Be sure that you don’t already have a PAN card number. It is illegal to hold more than one PAN card number.

You will need an ID proof, and Address proof, and 2 photos.

The PAN card department will not start your process until they have received the payment in full.

 If you are not ready to apply for a PAN card, but you have questions, email:

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  1. May 25, 2013 11:30 am

    The PAN card is exclusive, ordinary as well as eternal in addition to unaffected
    by the change of address even relating states. Income tax Act handles these underneath two diverse sections these kinds
    of as: sec 24(b) and part eighty(do) of the 1961 earnings tax act.
    I wish Graciano cottage luck for their business & will expect the same kind of love,
    service & warmth the next time I visit them.

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