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How can foreigners & NRIs buy real estate or property in India?

August 22, 2010

Always think positively with optimistic flavor in mindset. Basically when you decide to make the huge investment in the real estate in India where you were born and brought up in past, you will take care of different aspects with positive ways to get better chance for the proper utilization.

The real estate business in India is booming or you can term it as skyrocketing business because of the constant inflow of the foreign currencies into the country to boost the dormant financial and real estate industry to a great extent.  There is a prominent ray of hope for earning money by investing in the sphere of real estate in this country.  Thus investing in good properties that can give you high returns and are really affordable and cheap are the key to good investment.

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Check Factors

  • The fact is that those who are residents and stay in India have gathered a number of ways to try their luck to incur profits by investing in this lucrative business. They have the readymade schemes and plans. Furthermore, there are a number of financial benefactors and banks which come to their houses bringing a lot of new schemes to direct them how to earn huge bucks from the real estate business.
  • However, those who have already gone abroad to earn livelihood must know the different procedures and ways how to invest money in this profitable trading.
  • Frankly speaking, if you live in the USA and like to buy a home in India, you are at liberty to fulfill your dream. In addition, you should be familiar with the restrictions and legal stringency/compulsions which are imposed by RBI.
  • The matter will be made little bit difficult if you try to turn the wheel of fortune by investing your money in this real estate industry in your homeland.  It is not that you are totally off the track but you must do hard work to utilize the opportunity to your credit.
  • To be frank, if you check the previous performance graph of Indian economy, you will find that it has faced a nosedive few months back due to rigidity in many transactions, sudden rise in inflation rate, possible interruption in the flow of foreign revenues into the country and the red tapism to some extent.
  • You should keep it on record for your proper evaluation. However it is a matter of great pleasure for Indians that during 2007  there was considerable increase in the expansion this industry with full fledge with the expectation of the higher inflow of the revenues with a gross margin of 600% instead of as low as100%.  It is very good sign for the NRIs as well.

Do Close Monitoring

  • For your kind attention, let me clarify that the internationally reputed real estate magnets like IKEA and Walmart have taken bold measures to look back to the real estate industry in India with lot of expectation. They have shown their eagerness to make handsome investment in this arena. Therefore it will be a matter of tomfoolery for you in case you lose hope and decide to go back to your working place without investing money in the real estate in India. India is a vast country and it has the powerful government.
  • Of late the government has taken a number of special plans and programs to make strategies to attract NRIs to make inroads into this financially enriched industry for investing dollars. The higher authority is trying to remove the bottle-necked situation by encouraging the so-called young NRIs who have the strong wish to expand their business in real estate in India.
  • You should capitalize this current trend for your personal gain.  With the recent enactment of some special laws in relation to the real estate issues, you can purchase the land, property or even take the property on lease for commercial purposes in India.

The higher authority is fast losing its tight grip for assisting NRIs like you to make huge profits from the real estate.  You can purchase immovable property with your personal fund instead of applying for loan from the banking sectors. The money will be transferred to India for investment in comfortable way. There will be the least possibility of huge remittance or tax burden on the transferred money because the certain percentage of remittance will be deducted from your NRE, NRO or FCNR bank accounts.

Therefore, you are not in good position to utilize your personal finance or fund to make investment in this business area.

Finally, proceeds which you have earned selling properties in India can be taken abroad without RBI’s permission. However it is applicable in the case of maximum two properties and after that you need the approval of the RBI for money transfer to foreign land. Remittance will also be taken as per the existing laws.

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